The future of insurance is preventative

Insurance was affordable & easy to get

Claims were manageable and infrequent

Things are not the same

Companies are now facing a surge in risks

easier to hack since they don't have security in place

Cryptocurrencies enable hackers to easily get away

Automation of cyberattacks by hackers

To stem losses, insurers require & scrutinize controls

And while businesses need coverage more than ever...


Long, manual apps with control requirements


Premiums are rising & expensive


Unclear on how to fix control gaps


Claims denied, renewals rejected

...they struggle to prevent & mitigate risks

Enter 1Fort - commercial insurance made simple

1Fort helps companies save money and get better protected by combining insurance from leading insurers with risk management software.

Better protection

Get powerful software that helps solve common risk management issues

Time back

Get insured and secured in minutes, then let risk mitigation run on autopilot

Big savings

Unlock savings on premiums & reduced risk management expenses

Enter 1Fort - the fastest & easiest way to get eligible for cyber insurance

insurance umbrellainsurance umbrella


Access market-leading coverage from A+ carriers

shield with a padlockshield with a padlock


Monitor & improve security through powerful integrations