How 1Fort Safeguarded CEC Facilities Group and Streamlined their Cyber Insurance Readiness

As a leading cyber insurance automation solution, 1Fort is used by organizations of all sizes to safeguard their digital assets and qualify for cyber insurance more seamlessly. We recently collaborated with CEC Facilities Group, a middle-market construction company, and their broker to streamline their cyber insurance readiness and modernize their approach to cyber resilience.

CEC Facilities Group

Irving, Texas

About CEC

CEC Facilities Group is an innovative specialty services trade provider offering a wide range of solutions in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, audio-visual, and technology construction. Their comprehensive services encompass installation, service, repair, and installation solutions for some of the largest companies in the United States.

With an impressive track record, CEC Facilities Group has achieved significant recognition in the industry, including the #124 ranking in ENR's national Top 600 Specialty Contractor.
"1Fort saves me time by pre-filling cyber insurance forms and limiting the constant, back-and-forth communication needed during renewal. It's seamless, easy to set up and helped us realize what security controls weren't in place."
- Joey Mounarath, Director of Information Technology at CEC Companies

The Challenge

CEC Facilities Group recognized the need to strengthen their cybersecurity framework in order to meet control requirements for their cyber insurance renewal. Their approach prior to 1Fort relied heavily on manual documentation, which made it difficult to comprehensively assess and fix gaps in their posture. They required a proactive solution that would guide them through the process of understanding and meeting insurer requirements.

1Fort’s Solution

Assessing Strengths & Gaps to Insurability
With 1Fort, CEC Facilities Group demonstrated a significant shift in their security posture to easily qualify for renewal. Our connectors empowered their IT team to identify previously unknown security gaps, while implementing new security policies to strengthen their internal procedures.

CEC’s IT director, Joey Mounarath, praised 1Fort for its ability to pinpoint critical issues. By covering all aspects required in the cyber insurance renewal application, 1Fort guided CEC Facilities Group towards a more secure environment and assisted them with implementing necessary remediation measures.
A More Seamless Renewal Readiness Process
1Fort’s ability to pre-fill cyber insurance applications helped both CEC and their broker save valuable time and reduce the administrative burdens of manual data entry. This streamlined process also minimized the need for constant back-and-forth communication during the renewal process, allowing their team to focus on critical business operations while ensuring compliance with cybersecurity requirements.
Enhanced Support and Responsiveness
1Fort is committed to providing exceptional support to our clients, and CEC was no exception. Our dedicated team worked closely with CEC to ensure a seamless onboarding experience. Throughout the journey, we were readily available to address any questions, further bolstering the success of their security efforts.

“Whenever I had a question, 1Fort would respond and cover whatever we needed. They jumped on it. It was a good experience. I would definitely recommend it to other IT leaders.

- Joey Mounarath, Director of Information Technology at CEC Companies