All-in-one risk management for Real Estate companies

Manage risk and insurance smarter with 1Fort’s all-in-one risk platform. We help you save time and money on insurance, getting risk controls, and automating compliance.

Why Real Estate companies need insurance

Protecting Property Value

Damage recovery keeps real estate assets viable.

Managing Tenant Liabilities

Coverage for tenant-related incidents secures income.

Navigating Market Risks

Mitigates financial impact of real estate market changes.

Types of coverages that are needed


Covers expenses from data breaches, cyberattacks, and supports digital threat recovery efforts.

Directors & Officers

Protects directors and officers from legal claims, covering defense costs and settlements.

Employment Practices

Protects your company against allegations of wrongdoing while managing employees.


Grow faster with less risk

Better, faster and cheaper insurance combined with AI-powered risk mitigation software

Better coverage

Executive, Cyber & Professional liability backed by top carriers

Faster results

Get setup incredibly fast and put risk-management on auto-pilot

Premium savings

Powerful software to solve common risk issues & reduce expenses

For Businesses

Save time & money on insurance while reducing risk


See how businesses save time & money on insurance

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