Easily close more mid-to-large cyber deals

1Fort simplifies and digitizes the cyber insurance application and renewal process for your preferred markets. Get clients insurable, receive completed submissions and shortcut underwriting - all with speed and ease.

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Trusted by leading cyber brokers

"1Fort quickly helps me get deals to the finish line. With 1Fort, my clients get their coverage faster and at a lower cost, while receiving great guidance on reducing their risk exposure."
Monica Minkel
VP of Enterprise Executive Risk, Holmes Murphy

Why leading brokers choose 1Fort to place cyber

Grow your book

Win new clients with a differentiated offering & digitized application

Close faster

Skip the manual submissions process and shortcut underwriting

Keep clients renewing

1Fort continuously lowers clients’ risk, prevents claims and gets them renewal-ready

Minimize your E&O

Prevent your clients from misrepresenting their security controls to avoid fraud

How agencies win with 1Fort

For Producers

Close more & offer better policies with inside-out underwriting
Increase your win rates and unlock premium discounts for clients
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Win over prospects with powerful insights
Elevate your cyber risk advisory capabilities with financial metrics proven to convert non-buyers to buyers
Automated inside-out underwriting reports
Our inside-out security reports showcase your client’s strengths beyond Yes/No questions, which means faster underwriting and lower premiums

For Account Executives

Get completed submissions faster
No more manual applications and answering clients’ security questions
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Digitized forms with smart mapping
Your client completes 1Fort once. We instantly return completed forms for all your preferred markets
Empower clients to meet requirements
Let our powerful automation enable your clients to quickly meet the required security controls

Placing cyber with and without 1Fort

With 1Fort

Win new business in a competitive market
Make clients happy with premium discounts & better coverage
Easily submit to multiple markets & shortcut the underwriting process
Close renewals in weeks

Without 1Fort

Lose clients to better-equipped brokers
Explain to clients why they’re overpaying for weak coverage
Spend hours in underwriter meetings & manage multiple apps
Kick off the renewal process 150 days ahead
How CEC saved time on their cyber insurance renewal
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Home City Ice
How Home City Ice prioritized controls to lower premiums & risk
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How 1Fort helped Vinmar identify opportunities to reduce cyber risk
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Enterprise-grade security

We work with an independent auditor to maintain SOC 2 compliance which objectively certifies our control to ensure the continuous security, availability, confidentially, and integrity for our customers’ data.

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Questions? We have answers.
How can I get set up with 1Fort?

Schedule a demo with our team.

How does 1Fort affect coverage and premium?

1Fort is designed to help businesses get more affordable premiums and better coverage. We do so by helping businesses identify and remediate security gaps to insurability.

Are you an insurance carrier or MGA?

1Fort is not an insurance carrier or MGA. We empower leading retail brokerages to place cyber insurance with A-rated carriers..

What kinds of businesses is 1Fort designed for?

1Fort is designed for mid-to-large businesses with revenues over $100M and in traditional industries.

How do I know my client's data is secure with you?

Your trust is our number one priority. We're committed to safeguarding data following industry-leading standards. We work with an independent auditor to maintain SOC 2 compliance which objectively certifies our controls to ensure the continuous security, availability, confidentiality, and integrity of our customers' data. Learn more here.

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