How Home City Ice Bolstered their Cyber Insurance Readiness Reliably with 1Fort

As the leading cyber insurance automation solution for middle-market businesses, 1Fort is used by businesses across different industries to mitigate cyber risk. We recently collaborated with Home City Ice, a middle-market manufacturer, to empower their IT team and strengthen their cyber insurance readiness and resilience.

Home City Ice

Cincinnati, Ohio

About Home City Ice

Home City Ice is a Midwest-based ice manufacturing and delivery company. With a focus on high-quality ice, they employ advanced production and filtration techniques. They prioritize family-oriented values, offer 24/7 service, and utilize exceptional distribution methods to ensure customer and stakeholder satisfaction. Since its establishment in 1924, Home City Ice has remained family owned and operated, steadily growing to become the largest privately held ice company globally.
"1Fort took us into a realm we never thought of. Now, we know what insurers care about and what we need to focus on to lower premiums and risk. This enabled us to be more proactive with our renewal instead of reactive, and stay in compliance with insurers' expectations."
- Michael Bockerstette, Senior IT Manager at Home City Ice

The Challenge

Home City Ice's IT team recognized the need to monitor and remediate gaps in their security posture to lower their risk and access more favorable cyber insurance coverage. Prior to 1Fort, they manually documented the status of each control by pulling security data from a variety of different tools. They lacked a single pane of glass to help them reliably address each control and certify the accuracy of responses on their cyber insurance application.

1Fort’s Solution

Instant Visibility into Insurance Readiness
After a simple onboarding, Home City Ice's IT team gained immediate visibility over their security posture. By seamlessly connecting 1Fort to their tools, the team identified, prioritized, and addressed previously unknown gaps across different controls – all in one easy-to-use solution.

Home City Ice's senior IT manager, Michael Bockerstette, described 1Fort as a valuable solution that helped his team focus specifically on the expectations of cyber insurance carriers, which put them in a strong position for their renewal.
Assessing Controls with Accuracy and Confidence
Prior to 1Fort, Home City Ice's IT team responded to their cyber insurance application manually and to the best of their ability. According to their IT team, this left their responses open to interpretation.

As insurers become more stringent on reviewing application responses, 1Fort enabled Home City Ice to successfully certify the accuracy of their control status. Their IT team leveraged 1Fort's connectors to audit their own controls, which enabled them to proactively address potential insurability gaps.
Hands-On Support to Remediate Issues in Real Time
Home City Ice's IT team praised 1Fort for providing excellent support and offering detailed guidance on how to better assess and fix gaps. As they expanded their usage of 1Fort, our team was readily available to assist Home City Ice in real time through email and live calls.

“Without 1Fort, we would've answered certain questions about our controls incorrectly. 1Fort gave us the direction and appropriate instructions, which is the kind of thing you want in a partner."

- Michael Bockerstette, Senior IT Manager at Home City Ice