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The future of commercial insurance is preventative. In a rapidly evolving digital world, insurance is becoming unaffordable and unsustainable. 1Fort is transforming insurance by leveraging AI to make it easy for companies to get covered while proactively mitigating risk.

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Why 1Fort is making insurance preventative

The insurance industry is no longer sustainable

The exponential adoption of technology has introduced new risks for companies. As a result, losses have surged, and premiums have increased 8% every year for the past five, making coverage unaffordable and unsustainable.


Long, static apps with pre-requirements


Premiums are rising & expensive


Complicated coverage terms and control requirements


Claims denied, renewals rejected

Enter 1Fort - commercial insurance, reimagined

1Fort combines top-tier insurance policies with world-class risk mitigation software to help companies get better protected and save money. We work closely with the world's leading brokerages to deliver our solutions. Our vision is to make insurance preventative.

Our Values

Security & privacy come first
Nobody outside your business should have unwarranted access to your data. You have complete control over what data is shared with 1Fort, your broker and your insurance company, and we follow security industry best practices.
We win when customers do
1Fort thrives by delivering competitively advantageous products to our customers, involving them in every decision, and maintaining a commitment to prioritizing their interests across our team.
Democratize resilience
Ensuring the basic human right of protection, we support risk management teams by providing enhanced visibility into asset relationships to identify vulnerabilities and potential threats, promoting overall resilience for businesses of all sizes.

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