1Fort is redefining cyber insurance

Businesses face mounting cyber attacks. Without cyber insurance, many will go bankrupt. While most want coverage, they can't easily get it. 1Fort is on a mission to help bring financial security to the digital world.

Why we're building 1Fort

easier to hack since they don't have security in place

Cryptocurrencies enable hackers to easily get away

Automation of cyberattacks by hackers

Businesses struggle to get cyber insurance


Long, manual apps with security requirements


Premiums are rising & expensive


Unclear on how to fix security gaps


Claims denied, renewals rejected

Enter 1Fort - cyber insurance made simple

1Fort automates the process to get and maintain cyber insurance, enabling businesses to save time, unlock savings, and reduce risk.

Our guiding principles

Your privacy is our top priority

Nobody outside your business should have unwarranted access to your sensitive information. You have complete control over what data is shared with 1Fort, your broker and your insurance company, and we follow industry best practices, including SOC 2 compliance.

Cyber risk is best managed from behind the firewall

External scans no longer do the trick for businesses, brokers and carriers. 1Fort empowers inside-out underwriting to enable businesses and brokers to access better policies and to actively reduce their cyber risk.

Built by brokers, for brokers

Our team is comprised of former brokers and business owners. We strongly believe in empowering brokers & businesses to get their jobs done more quickly, reliably and affordably with cutting-edge technology.

Headquartered in New York City


1Fort Inc.
335 Madison Ave, 3rd FL
New York, NY 10017 USA

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With hackers becoming more sophisticated and businesses relying more on technology, this trend is unfortunately here to stay. Yet most businesses outside of large enterprises are not equipped to defend themselves.