Here to solve cyber insurance

Businesses need cyber insurance more than ever, but it’s becoming harder to get. We’re on a mission to help every business get the digital protection they deserve.

The old way

Up to 6 months

Long paper forms, manual gap analyses and fixes, back and forth meetings with underwriters

With 1Fort

1-2 weeks. Really.

No paperwork, automated gap analyses and fixes, streamlined underwriter conversations

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Partnering with leading cyber brokers

1Fort partners exclusively with cyber insurance brokers that service mid-to-large businesses.

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Our guiding principles

Best-in-class protections for every business

World-class insurance coverage shouldn’t be limited to the Fortune 500. We democratize access to cyber insurance by making it easy and affordable to become insurable, while also helping businesses get better-priced premiums.

Your privacy is our #1 priority

Nobody outside your business should have unwarranted access to your sensitive information. You have complete control over what data is shared with 1Fort, your broker and your insurance company.

Empower brokers & businesses with technology

Our team is comprised of former brokers and business owners. We strongly believe in empowering brokers & businesses to get their jobs done more quickly, reliably and affordably with cutting-edge technology.


We’re hiring

With hackers becoming more sophisticated and businesses relying more on technology, this trend is unfortunately here to stay. Yet most businesses outside of large enterprises are not equipped to defend themselves.