How Vinmar International Gained Visibility and Control over Cyber Risk with 1Fort

As cyber risk becomes a top priority for enterprises, leading IT teams have been using 1Fort to manage and reduce their risk. The IT leadership at Vinmar International, a chemicals wholesaler, chose 1Fort to gain visibility over their security controls and understand potential gaps in preparation for their cyber insurance renewal.

Vinmar International

Houston, Texas

About Vinmar

Vinmar International is a global marketing, distribution, and project development company specializing in plastics and chemicals. With over 40 years of successful operations, the company serves as a vital link between major producers and consumers of these materials, offering customized business solutions. Vinmar's extensive presence spans over 50 offices, covering more than 100 countries and territories, making it one of the world's largest marketing and distribution companies in the plastics and chemicals sector.
"Cyber insurance has become almost a necessity for enterprises. We use 1Fort to document all our controls in a single source of truth. The connectors were simple to set up and helps with addressing gaps, while making it easy to get everything sent to our broker and carrier. I would recommend it to other IT leaders."
- Steve Stoutner, Vice President of IT at Vinmar International

The Challenge

As a large multinational corporation with multiple subsidiaries and over 50 office locations, the IT leadership at Vinmar International recognized the need to manage their cyber risk and security compliance in an easily accessible single source of truth. Prior to 1Fort, the company relied on manual processes, using word documents, policies, and procedures to complete their cyber insurance application and monitor their controls.

1Fort’s Solution

A Centralized Way to Manage Cyber Risk
1Fort provided Vinmar with a centralized source of truth, consolidating all documentation, which proved invaluable for the IT team. With seamless integration with their tools and systems, 1Fort helped identify gaps in their security posture in a straightforward way.

Vinmar's Vice President of IT plans to continue leveraging 1Fort for its remediation resources to enhance their cybersecurity measures. The simplicity of setting up connectors facilitated a smooth onboarding process, and 1Fort's task assignment features promoted collaboration across the team.
Streamlining the Insurance Application Process
Vinmar's IT team emphasized that 1Fort would significantly expedite their cyber insurance application process. Once all the connectors are made and gaps are addressed, they can promptly present a comprehensive package to their insurance broker and carrier, streamlining the entire procedure.
Providing a User-Friendly, Customer-First Experience
Working with 1Fort's team was a positive experience for Vinmar. Their IT leadership praised 1Fort for providing prompt and helpful feedback. The tool's user-friendly nature made the journey painless. As cyber insurance becomes increasingly crucial for enterprises, the team noted that 1Fort's streamlined approach was highly beneficial.

“1Fort is easy to set up and the team is quick to provide support. It also helps with collaborating across the team and assigning tasks to different people. This makes it a painless process."

- Steve Stoutner, Vice President of IT at Vinmar International