Get cyber insurance, fast

Automate the work required to get cyber insurance, and unlock better coverage & savings.

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The old way

Up to 6 months

Tedious paper work, manual gap analyses and fixes, back & forth meetings with underwriters

With 1Fort

1-2 weeks. Really.

Zero paperwork, automated gap analyses & fixes, streamlined conversations with underwriters

Get a better cyber policy with less work

Unlock better priced premiums

More comprehensive coverage

Quick, stress-free renewals

Meet cyber insurance requirements in minutes

Automatically answer security questionnaires

1Fort makes quick, read-only integrations to your existing tools & infrastructure to auto-populate security forms

Easily deploy and manage MFA & PAM

Ensure your employees use MFA across email & important apps and manage privileged access

Auditor-approved policies at your fingertips

Get instant access to templates of required security policies and easily customize them for your business

Powerful visibility into all your endpoints

Effortlessly investigate all your workstations & servers, anytime and anywhere

Security awareness training that works

Safeguard the whole organization with simple, engaging videos for employees that meet insurer requirements

We work hard to protect your data


Least privilege access


Cyber insurance is a hassle –but 1Fort makes it seamless


Easily identify security gaps and make 1-click fixes with an intuitive platform


Quickly access quotes from more insurers with less paperwork


Get lower premiums and access to monthly financing options


Make renewals stress-free, prevent claims and get better coverage

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Unlock lower premiums &
comprehensive coverage

Save time, money and resources

Get approved for a policy that meets your needs seamlessly and affordably

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Typical coverage from carrier partners

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If you lose revenue

We’ll compensate your lost income plus extra expenses

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If you need to repair your systems

We’ll cover the costs to replace devices and equipment

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If you face lawsuits

We’ll pay legal fees and settlements from customer suits

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If you have to pay a ransom

We’ll reimburse the payment and other reasonable expenses

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If you get bad press

We’ll pay for a public relations firm to restore your reputation

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If you face wire fraud

We’ll cover the amount and fees of a fraudulent fund transfer

Easily meet insurer requirements

Gain full visibility into your organization's insurance readiness and make required fixes

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Available on

Live help - whenever you need it

Access our security experts anytime through live chat, Slack, Zoom or email

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Put your security application on auto-pilot
Questions? We got you.
What is 1Fort?

1Fort is the first solution that makes it simple for businesses to become insurable for cyber. We empower brokers to help their clients identify and fix gaps in their security, in order to access more quotes, lower premiums and better coverage.

What kinds of businesses need 1Fort?

Currently, the cyber insurance application and renewal process can take up to 6 months, involving many long paper forms, meetings and email exchanges with your insurance company. 1Fort automates the process by helping you become insurance-ready in a few easy steps.

If you’re a business that wants to get cyber insurance seamlessly and affordably, 1Fort is for you.

How do I start using 1Fort?

We partner exclusively with insurance brokers to help their clients through applications and renewals. If you have a broker, they can get set up on 1Fort to make our solution available to you.

If you don't have a broker, we can put you in touch with one in our network of trusted, pre-vetted brokers.

How does 1Fort work with my existing tools?

We make read-only, non-invasive integrations with your existing tools and solutions to collect data that insurance companies are requiring on applications. Examples include productivity suites and cloud services.

You have full control over what data is being shared with 1Fort, your broker and your insurance company.

I already have a cyber insurance policy. Do I need 1Fort?

Yes! Insurance companies are adding more requirements for coverage and rejecting businesses at renewal. Just because you have a policy today doesn't mean that it'll be renewed by your insurance company.

1Fort works with your broker to maximize your likelihood of getting a policy renewed, while also helping you access more quotes that could save you money.

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