1Fort provides digital protection, while helping you grow and save

1Fort provides comprehensive protection used by enterprises to prevent digital attacks. Get started in minutes.

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Privacy, assured

Everything in your business is privately secured with industry-leading technology

Easy to set up and use

Setting up 1Fort takes minutes - no tech expertise needed. Enjoy complete protection with none of the jargon

Get live support

Reach our team through live chat to ask any questions

Keep private information away from criminals, former employees, and competitors

Never worry about your business’ data getting leaked or lost

Continuous AI-powered monitoring to keep your data safe

Customers and partners trust you with their info - from credit cards to addresses. Our AI-powered anti-malware keeps everything on your device safe.

Automatic backups to give you peace of mind

We backup and encrypt your files to the Cloud in case you lose them.

Browse the web quickly and securely

Enable your team to work securely from anywhere with an industry-leading VPN.

Don’t fall victim to financial fraud and business identity theft
Avert scams that defraud your business and damage its reputation
Effortlessly secure your communications

Phishing attempts and spam are bypassing basic email defaults. We help block 99.99% of them.

Never remember a password again

Conveniently store all your passwords in one place. 1Fort secures your accounts with a password manager.

Your team deserves better, faster, and safer apps and OS
Grow faster with built-in performance enhancers
Maximize productivity with automated software updates

Outdated web apps are sluggish and leave you vulnerable to attacks, but not to worry – we automatically update them for you.

Make protection easy for everyone
Be empowered with maximum visibility
Gain control over your team

Real-time visibility into how protected your business and individual employees are with digital health scores.

All-in-one digital care

Real-time visibility into digital health

See how secure your business is at all times, and ensure every employee is protected

All your passwords in one place

Store, generate, and manage strong passwords for all your accounts, including shared passwords

Browse the web safely and privately

Protect your WiFi connection with a VPN and firewall. Ensure your privacy on the web

Keep your inbox safe  and clean

Block all spam, spoofing attempts, malicious links, and unsafe attachments from your inbox

Save time with automated updates

Automatically get the latest version of your apps to avoid vulnerabilities and increase productivity

Never worry about losing your data

Seamlessly get your device’s files backed up and recover them in minutes in case you lose them

Effortlessly avert ransomware

Secure your devices with powerful anti-malware

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Questions? We got
What is 1Fort?

1Fort is the digital care solution for your business. We protect you from digital threats, while enabling you to grow your business and save time and money.

What kind of businesses need 1Fort?

If you’re a business that wants to stay protected from digital threats, win new customers, and increase productivity, 1Fort is for you.

If you’re in an industry like e-commerce, finance, or SaaS, you may be required to have cybersecurity to meet compliance. 1Fort provides these protections in a few clicks.

My business is small. Why do I need 1Fort?

Small businesses are the most common targets of digital attacks. 60% of small businesses go bankrupt after a hack, while many others experience financial and reputational loss.

As a small business owner, you’re too busy to become an expert in security. Leave the heavy lifting to us so you can focus on your business.

How does 1Fort ensure that I’m protected?

We work with best-in-class technology partners who are category leaders in the protections they provide. We also work with top cybersecurity experts who vet our technology.

I already use some security products. Should I use 1Fort?

Yes! Some of our customers used other security products before 1Fort. They found that 1Fort was much easier to use, while also saving them time and money.

If you only use a VPN or a password manager, your business is still vulnerable to the majority of attacks. 1Fort’s protections cover the bases.

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