1Fort's Financial Risk Methodology


1Fort’s Financial Risk calculator is designed to help organizations understand their financial exposure to cyber risks. The results are derived from a methodology that directly links financial metrics to security issues and provides full visibility into the issue-level details that drive score changes.

Our platform provides a dynamic view of an organization's security posture, which is updated daily to reflect the latest set of issues. This aggregated information is summarized based on a standard 0 to 100 measurement metric to track progress. The higher the number, the better the risk posture.

How it's calculated

1Fort's scoring process starts with collecting raw data of security issues directly from the business’s tech stack. From there, we match the raw data to a set of security controls and work with security experts to rate the effectiveness of each control on preventing a cyber attack. We then leverage datasets from insurance carriers that lay out claims data for different types of businesses and match them to the business, linking financial metrics to each control based on their importance.

Who it's for

This financial impact calculator is designed for CFOs, CISOs, Risk Managers, and Insurance Brokers, although anyone in the C-Suite, Risk Management, or IT personnel can benefit from it. It is particularly valuable for CIOs, CISOs, and Head of IT to communicate the value to financial stakeholders of investing in security software and prioritizing the implementation of controls.

What makes it unique

Our methodology is unique in several ways.

Inside out
We are an inside-out solution that connects directly to the tools businesses use to pull security configuration data, making it fast and easy to use.


We use clear, simple terms that business leaders can understand and get behind.


We link each security control to a financial impact score, making it actionable to address any security concerns.


Constantly changing to reflect the latest threats and security controls

Why it matters

1Fort's Financial Impact calculation is a transparent, accurate, and fair security rating tool that empowers organizations to take control of their cybersecurity program. With full visibility into their security posture and financial exposure, organizations can prioritize actions to improve their score and reduce their risk.