Software Engineer Internship


Solving the biggest problem in insurance

Cyber attacks are plaguing businesses. They're up 1,000% in the past 5 years, and 60% of businesses go under shortly after an attack. Businesses increasingly want to take action by getting cyber insurance, but struggle to get it for lacking basic cybersecurity measures that are pre-requisites for coverage.

Enter 1Fort - we automate the work required to get cyber insurance. Our solution enables businesses to connect their tools and apps to 1Fort, and from there we programmatically identify the gaps for insurability and guide them through the fixes. This enables the business to save time, get better coverage and reduce their premium.

There's no better time to join

You'll get to build 1Fort from the ground up, and we're making solid traction on product, user acquisition and funding. We've developed an alpha, onboarded over 30 businesses, and raised capital from investors like Village Global, On Deck, Operator Partners, Company Ventures, Character VC and 8-Bit Capital to bring 1Fort to the next level.

Passion and know-hows were looking for

Building something from 0 to 1. We're looking for frontend, backend, devops and QA engineers.

Paid internship

We'll do what it takes to keep you motivated and ambitious

Choose how you want to work

Fully remote? Go for it. Hybrid? We co-locate in NYC. Your choice


  • Prior experience working at a  cybersecurity, compliance or insurance company
  • Knowledge in Python/Django // React // Swift // .NET // TypeScript // JavaScript

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