December 12, 2023

Submit, Quote & Bind with 1Fort, Your One-Stop-Shop for Placing Cyber

Over the past year, 1Fort has partnered with hundreds of leading brokers to streamline their clients' cyber insurance application, while mitigating their risk from the inside-out to unlock favorable rates & terms.

Increasingly, brokers have also been asking 1Fort to streamline their quoting and binding processes to get deals to the finish line. Service teams spent hours manually emailing submissions to underwriters, while managing dozens of back-and-forth exchanges just to get a quote back.

Now, we're excited to share that 1Fort is enabling brokers to quote and bind with top markets, including Coalition, At-Bay, and more. As their one-stop-shop for cyber, leading brokerages are using 1Fort to submit and quote mid-to-large accounts more quickly and efficiently than the status quo, while accessing instant comparisons of quotes to help them make informed decisions.

Because 1Fort's universal cyber application actively helps clients lower their risk, underwriters also more likely to receive completed, high-quality submissions through 1Fort.

"Saving time for our broker partners has always been a top priority for 1Fort," said Anthony Marshi, CEO of 1Fort. "Now, brokers no longer need to manage submissions and quotes manually, while giving their clients an experience that they love. It's a win-win for everyone."

Our broker partners have already seen success closing deals and delivering value to mid-to-large clients with 1Fort.

"1Fort has made the cyber application and marketing process seamless and my clients are benefiting from their expertise to help with controls like MFA," said Ellen Bertolucci, an Account Manager at Heffernan Insurance Brokers. "I would recommend it to any client or colleague – the support is invaluable."

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