October 7, 2022

6 Marketing Tactics Every Cyber Insurance Broker Should Know

There’s no question that cyber insurance is a hot topic in the insurance industry right now. As the world becomes more and more reliant on technology, the need for protection against cyberattacks is only going to grow.

As a result, insurance brokers who are able to provide cyber insurance policies are in a great position to succeed.

But just because you can provide a cyber insurance policy for your clients doesn’t mean that you will be successful in selling it. In order to sell cyber insurance, you need to understand how to market it effectively.

Keep reading to learn 6 cyber security marketing tactics every cyber insurance broker should know to close more deals. (Plus, a resource to help you too!)

Cyber Insurance Marketing Approaches

By the end of 2022, worldwide cyber defense spending will top $172 billion. This means if you're in the business of selling cyber insurance, then making sure you have a solid marketing plan and strategies is the key to taking advantage of this rapidly growing market.

But, while the world of insurance is constantly changing, there are a few key marketing tactics that, over time, have remained successful across industries, including cyber security. These include:

  1. Content marketing
  2. Webinars
  3. Email marketing
  4. Include social media
  5. Sponsor a pertinent event
  6. Free security assessments

Whether you decide to try out a few or all of the below in your strategy, with consistency, you're sure to make some headway.

1. Content marketing

Successful cyber insurance brokers know that one of the most important aspects of their job is educating clients about the risks they face and the steps they can take to protect themselves. One of the best and most holistic ways to do this is through content marketing.

Content marketing is all about creating and sharing valuable content that helps your clients understand the cyber security landscape and make informed decisions about the risks. For example, informative blogs, downloadable whitepapers, video content, or helpful case studies are all proven successful marketing tactics.

2. Webinars

An especially great way of promoting your services is via a webinar. Whether hosting your own or being a guest, webinars are some of the most effective ways to drive leads. In fact, according to research, between 20 and 40% of webinar attendees become qualified leads.

However, as with content marketing, to resonate with your target audience during a webinar and maximize effectiveness, you want to make sure you have these key elements:

  1. Tell a good story
  2. Be interesting and Informative
  3. Be authentic
  4. Don't sell too hard

3. Email marketing

As a cyber insurance broker, there are many reasons why you should do email marketing. It can be a great way to reach a large number of potential customers, and it can be a cost-effective way to promote your services.

Email marketing can also be an effective way to build relationships with potential clients. By sending helpful information and resources, you can establish yourself as a trusted resource for cyber insurance. This can lead to more business opportunities down the road.

Here are the steps to get started with emailing marketing:

  1. Choose an email marketing platform: Some of the most popular ones include Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Hubspot, Moosend, and many more.
  2. Build your contact list: Start from scratch or import contacts you already have
  3. Establish your goals: What do you want to achieve from your email marketing?
  4. Plan your campaign: You want to create a campaign that feeds into your overall marketing goals.
  5. Execute and Test: You can plan multiple campaigns to run at once or wait until one is complete, analyze it, and plan another.

4. Social Media

From LinkedIn to Instagram to Twitter and more, there are many social media platforms for cyber insurance brokers to explore in marketing their services. However, it is very important to be clear on where your target audience is as well as the type of content you'll be sharing to know the medium best for it.

For example, platforms like Twitter are known to be great for industries like tech, finance, and retail, just to name a few. Twitter focuses on short, concise, informative messages, which can be a statistic, news snippets, or exciting company news. And getting a retweet means the potential for increased exposure.

Still, the best way to choose which social media platform is best for you as a cyber broker is to research each platform.

5. Sponsored events

Another great cyber security marketing tactic to build your business is to sponsor events. Through sponsored events, you get your name and brand out there in front of many potential clients, whether you host the event yourself or are just a sponsor.

Sponsoring events also shows that you are invested in the cyber insurance community. This can help you build relationships with other professionals in the field, which can lead to referral business and other opportunities down the road.

6. Free security assessments

Providing free cybersecurity assessments is a win-win for you and your clients. They get valuable insights into their current security posture, and you get to show you're a trusted and valuable advisor. This opportunity also helps you demonstrate cyber insurance as a way to fill gaps in their defenses.

Companies like 1Fort help you provide these cybersecurity assessments for your clients.

Market your cyber insurance services and close more deals with 1Fort

With cyber threats increasing every day, it's never been more important for brokers to market themselves and show they are an authority and trusted source to help prospective clients protect themselves from these threats.

A robust and multi-faceted marketing approach, as outlined above, will help you improve and grow your business as well as expand your brand awareness on or offline. However, just as important as a powerful brand is ensuring you have strong cyber insurance offerings for clients.

By partnering with 1Fort, you have all the resources to provide clients with the best service and protection. From security assessments to instant quotes comparisons to premium financing, our insurance and security platform offers you everything you need to sell and close deals in minutes.

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