May 28, 2024
May 29, 2024

1Fort Launches AI-Powered Specialty Marketplace for Commercial Insurance Brokers

1Fort is excited to announce the launch of our AI-powered specialty insurance marketplace – the first of its kind in the industry. Our marketplace uses AI to help independent brokers save time and place more commercial risks, and is now available to the hundreds of brokers partnering with 1Fort.

Using cutting-edge AI, our platform provides brokers direct and wholesale access to instant quotes from leading insurers, then auto-generates in-depth coverage analyses, comparisons and recommendations across all options in seconds.

We have also developed a proprietary GPT chatbot enabling brokers to interact with policies and answer complex questions from clients to better service them.

Prior to 1Fort, brokers reported spending up to 10 hours a week manually quoting, comparing coverage, and answering client questions. Leveraging 1Fort’s AI-powered platform, brokers have saved up to 8 hours per week, while increasing their bind rates by 20 percent with higher-quality proposals.

“For too long, insurance brokers have been burdened with manually retrieving and analyzing quotes, costing them hundreds of hours every year,” said Anthony Marshi, Co-Founder and CEO of 1Fort. “Recent breakthroughs in AI have allowed our platform to give our broker partners all those hours back for what truly matters: strengthening client relationships and growing their book of business.”

To date, 1Fort’s technology has supported hundreds of leading insurance brokers, including some of the largest brokerages nationally such as IMA, INSURICA, and High Street Insurance Partners. With admitted and surplus licenses in all 50 states, 1Fort also provides market access to major insurers across all specialty lines.

Independent insurance brokers are able to get appointed and start quoting instantly here.