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Questions? We got you.
What is 1Fort?

1Fort is the digital care solution for your business. We protect you from digital threats, while enabling you to grow your business and save time and money.

What kinds of businesses need 1Fort?

If you’re a business that wants to stay protected from digital threats, win new customers, and increase productivity, 1Fort is for you.

If you’re in an industry like e-commerce, finance, or SaaS, you may be required to have cybersecurity to meet compliance. 1Fort provides these protections in a few clicks.

My business is small. Do I need 1Fort?

Small businesses are the most common targets of digital attacks. 60% of small businesses go bankrupt after a hack, while many others experience financial and reputational loss.

As a small business owner, you’re too busy to become an expert in security. Leave the heavy lifting to us so you can focus on your business.

How does 1Fort ensure that I’m protected?

We work with best-in-class technology partners who are category leaders in the protections they provide. We also work with top cybersecurity experts who vet our technology.

I already use some security products. Should I use 1Fort?

Yes! Some of our customers used other security products before 1Fort. They found that 1Fort was much easier to use, while also saving them time and money.

If you only use a VPN or a password manager, your business is still vulnerable to the majority of attacks. 1Fort’s protections cover the bases.

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1Fort works with a select group of brokers who specialize in cyber insurance.

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