About Us

We envision a safer digital world for businesses of all sizes

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Our mission

Businesses today are under the constant threat of cyberattacks, from ransomware to business email compromise to funds transfer fraud. Attacks on small businesses have 5x’ed in the past year alone – 60% of those hacked go bankrupt.

For any business that uses technology, cyber insurance has become an essential risk management strategy. However, with premiums on the rise and security becoming required for insurance, fewer businesses are able to get the coverage they need.

1Fort empowers businesses and insurance brokers to get cyber insurance more easily, quickly, and affordably. Our simple-to-use, enterprise-grade security is designed to unlock lower premiums and better coverage, while reducing the likelihood of claims.

We envision a future where business owners everywhere can stay secure and grow their businesses, knowing that 1Fort is working 24/7 to protect them.

Our guiding principles

Best-in-class protections for every business

World-class security and insurance coverage shouldn’t be limited to the big players. We democratize access to industry-leading cybersecurity features by making them easy to set up and affordable, which also keeps insurance premiums low.

Your privacy is our #1 priority

Nobody outside your business should have access to your sensitive information. We treat your data with the highest level of diligence and never allow unwarranted access to third parties.

Empower small businesses with technology

Our team is comprised of former small business owners and employees. While 1Fort is designed to help businesses of all sizes, serving small businesses with enterprise-grade security and insurance is at the heart of who we are and what we do.

We’re hiring

Join us on our mission to bring digital peace of mind to every small business.