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1Fort makes it easy for businesses to get cyber insurance from top insurers and helps them reduce their risk, leading to savings on premiums and fewer claims.

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1Fort is seamless, easy to set up and helped us realize what security controls weren't in place. It saved me time by pre-filling cyber insurance forms and limiting the constant, back-and-forth communication needed during renewal. "
Joey Mounarath
Director of IT, CEC Facilities Group
"The security control requirements for cyber insurance have made it challenging for businesses to get covered. With 1Fort, I’m able to get clients insurable quickly and easily. I love partnering with their team of cyber experts to get deals to the finish line."
Monica Minkel
VP of Enterprise Executive Risk, Holmes Murphy
"With a constantly evolving cyber threat landscape, 1Fort not only helps businesses meet the security requirements for cyber insurance, but also enables them to increase their resilience."
JJ Agha
CISO, FanDuel

For Businesses

Your cyber insurance process on autopilot

Benefits for all stakeholders

Expensive premiums
Can’t quantify cyber ROI
Top-line is vulnerable to cyber risk
1Fort Solution
Get affordable premiums
Translates cyber risk into dollars & cents
Protect top-line from cyber risk
Limited coverage, low sub-limits, high retentions
Low visibility into organization’s cyber risk
Can’t convey cyber risk to non-technical stakeholders
1Fort Solution
Secure the best coverage terms
Easily grasp cyber risk without becoming an expert
Auto-generated materials to explain cyber risk
Insurers misinterpret your security posture
Limited visibility into vulnerabilities
Hard to justify financial impact of controls
1Fort Solution
Easily demonstrate strengths, eliminate false positives
Single pane of glass across all attack surfaces
Justify return on controls to secure more budget

Case Studies

See how businesses save time & money on cyber insurance

How Home City Ice prioritized controls to lower premiums & risk
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How CEC saved time on their cyber insurance renewal
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Trusted by businesses

Dozens of connectors to power automation

Controls Monitored
Policy Templates
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Enterprise-grade security

We work with an independent auditor to maintain SOC 2 Type II compliance, which objectively certifies our controls to ensure the continuous security, availability, confidentiality, and integrity of our customers' data.

Security Documentation

For Brokers

Place more mid-to-large cyber with less work

Grow your book

Win new clients with a differentiated offering & digitized application

Close faster

Skip the manual submissions process and shortcut underwriting

Keep clients renewing

1Fort continuously lowers clients’ risk, prevents claims and gets them renewal-ready

Minimize your E&O

Prevent your clients from misrepresenting their security controls to avoid fraud