1Fort raises $2.4M to redefine cyber insurance

The News

We’re excited to announce that 1Fort has raised $2.4M to build the world’s first cyber insurance automation platform. The funding round, led by Village Global, will help us automate the process for businesses to get and maintain cyber insurance, giving them the financial security they deserve in a digital world.
How 1Fort Works

Why We're Building 1Fort

Middle-market businesses face mounting cyber attacks. Without cyber insurance, many will go bankrupt. While most want cyber insurance, they can't get it because they’re unable to meet the complex security standards required by insurance providers.

The process is equally frustrating for insurance brokers, who have to guide businesses through highly technical security requirements and facilitate back-and-forth conversations with insurance providers.

1Fort is redefining cyber insurance by making it quick and simple for businesses to get and maintain cyber insurance. By connecting to the apps businesses use through one-click API connections, 1Fort detects and fixes security issues, enabling businesses to easily and quickly become eligible for cyber insurance, and gives their brokers better cyber applicants and auto-filled forms to quickly access their preferred carriers.

Who we are

We’re a team of experienced founders with strong complementary skills. Our founding team includes tech and insurance professionals with experience at Google, BCG, and Wolfram. We met while studying together at Georgetown, where we co-founded Georgetown Ventures, the university’s first student-run startup accelerator.

We have an advisory board of industry veterans, including Leon Rishniw (ex-Head of Engineering at Coalition), JJ Agha (CISO at FanDuel), Brett Fulmer (broker and insurtech community leader), Julie Zimmer (ex COO at Embroker), and Artie Minson (CEO at Leaflink)

Shout out to our early supporters

We’re incredibly grateful to the businesses that have started using 1Fort and provided us with valuable feedback. We’re also privileged to be partnering with major insurance brokerages that are at the forefront of embracing new technology to better service their clients.

In addition to Village Global, we’re also honored to have the support of 8-Bit Capital, Operator Partners, Company Ventures, Character VC, On Deck, and other VCs and angel investors.

What's next

Cyber insurance is the next general liability insurance. The product we have today is just the beginning. Our goal is to continue to automate the process of getting cyber insurance and make it more accessible for businesses of all sizes. With this round of funding, we’ll be able to support a wider variety of technical integrations with businesses’ tools & systems, while also incorporating AI to help businesses better assess their risk. In the near future, we’ll also be expanding our platform to cover a wider variety of industries. We’re excited for what’s to come and can’t wait to share our progress with you.